Sunday, July 19, 2009


To celebrate a slight bump in visits I decided to reward the occasion with a blog post and a picture of fireworks.

However, as much as I want to take the glory, I know that this couldn't have happened without you.
Thank you.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

New York

Since Joe, and Joe have a boat. I figured I should join in.
However I didn't really want to go the sailboat route so I thought I'd go a different one.
By building a (drumroll) BIKE BOAT!!! (A pedal boat only a bike.)

So far all I have is the plans and a bike. But maybe, just maybe, if I'm not too lazy. I might actually build it.

If any one wants to add some modifications or look at the 3D version using google sketchup;
here's the file,
and google sketchup is here.


Because I have been so regular in posting, many viewers voted on the latest poll.
Out of an incredible number of 7, 4 of you decided it best to
"Quickly eat it before someone else did."
Congratulations, I believe that this was indeed the best thing to do with such a bug.

"If I saw the above insect in my house I would most likely:

Quickly eat it before someone else did 4 (57%)

Snap a photo, then smash it 1 (14%)

Snap a photo, after you smashed it 1 (14%)

Feed it to the cat 1 (14%)

Scream and run 0 (0%)
Call for help 0 (0%)
Let it outside 0 (0%)
Snap a photo, then let it outside 0 (0%)
Give it to a friend 0 (0%)
Smash it with a book 0 (0%)
Smash it with a tissue 0 (0%)
Smash it with my hand 0 (0%)
Grab the killing jar for future mounting in my collection 0 (0%)
Pin it to a mounting board while it’s still alive 0 (0%)
Capture it in a jar with a lid until it died 0 (0%)
Post it on my blog with a funny caption 0 (0%)
Post it on my blog with a survey. 0 (0%)
Capture it with ventilation and feed it for long-term observation 0 (0%)
Using the previous, film a documentary with it in the starring role 0 (0%) "