Friday, February 29, 2008


My gerbil seems to know when it's leap day. :P
(No, that isn't my gerbil, it may have been what it looked like this morning though.)

This is how I found the cage lid this morning after my mom came in saying "I think there's a gerbil loose."
This is a side of a shoe box that the gerbil decided would be a perfect snack for leap day

This is the other side of that box.

Tune in soon to find out if the gerbil was found. OR if it is now running around our walls.


Beth said...


Bungalow Ben said...

OOOH! COOL! Abb won't ever let me turn hers loose. I wonder what Beth's cat will think of that? (It probably doesn't care, does it?)

Abbey said...

Won't ever let mine loose? You mean Mom won't let me turn them loose (for a good reason)? lol Hope your house doesn't get destroyed too much. :S

Steven said...

CRUNCH. hmm.. oops. sorry Joe.