Sunday, February 24, 2008

My gerbil is balding.

I'm not exactly sure what happened, so I am going to ask you!

A. My gerbil is balding
B. My gerbil's hair got stuck in the wheel
C. My other gerbil wanted to see what gerbil hair tasted like.


Beth said...

A. Your gerbil needs Rogaine or Just for Gerbil Gel, available next to Just for Men Gel.
♫ No one can tell with Just for Gerbil Gel! ♫

Steven said...

LOL to Beth.
Unfortunately, you are wrong.. It's D. "Gerbil Hazing"
Uncommon, but, it sometimes happens. Gerbils have a group leader usually called "The Dominate One"; this gerbil creates the rules all new and younger gerbils have to follow. He is the "trend setter" and he must be obeyed. What you have, is an excellent example of gerbil hazing. Gerbil hazing is a very old tradition, dating back to around 19A.D. The gerbils will make the new recruit go through some tough and loathsome trials. In your case, your gerbil was probably sleeping and had its fur shaved off by some ruthless young “Punk Gerbil”, which, is a whole different story.

Farm Boy said...

While Steve's story seems quite likely, I believe that another event happened.

It's very possible that your gerbil's baldness was caused by his recent visit to Starbucks where he got hot espresso spilled on his head while he was standing in line. Embarrassed to go home smelling like Starbucks, he literally tore out his hair trying to figure out how he could get rid of the smell. Eventually, he had pulled out enough hair that all the spilled espresso was gone.

Obviously, your gerbil has gone through a very traumatic experience. After getting hot espresso spilled on him, ripping out his hair, and likely not even getting the chance to finish his latte, I would guess he's in a very sorry state of mind. I would suggest you get him a sympathy card and a box of chocolates.

Steven said...


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Rebecca said...

Maybe you've been petting him waaaaaaaaaay too much?

Abbey said...

Get a bald spot cover. She's Jewish, right? lol Actually, most likely the other gerbil took a chunk out when she was washing her. :)