Thursday, February 12, 2009


Ever wanted to fly the helicopters in Microsoft flight simulator?
Well, now it's not quite as much of a pain.
Just hook up a game pad and follow the instructions!

1. Get a game pad.
2. Get some ductape.

3. Get a marker. (or some sort of stick.)

Put ductape around one end of the marker (or some sort of stick) and then put it on the right side of the game pad's joystick.
Then change your controls so that the throttle axis is on the left up and down stick, the rudder axis is on the left right and left stick, and set the aelerons as the stick with the marker (or some sort of stick).

There ye go! A much easier way to fly helicopter.... finally.


Mr. Worm said...

Say, What? If you need a stick that long, how on earth do they expect you to fly the thing?

Jowy said...

Because you're supposed to buy the Microsoft joystick which you can turn side to side for the rudder. :P But I didn't care enough to spend money on it. :D