Thursday, February 12, 2009


As hard as I was on it, it really should have broken a lot sooner. :P

A close up, what's interesting is that by the 123 there was another grey spot, but it went away after a couple of days. O.K. I kind of figured that this would be a longer post... hmm... Oh well.

OH! here we are.... a pointless clip from a song.
A dying elephant.


Mr. Worm said...

Wow... That is really weird looking... Weird!

The music... almost sounds like that Zimmerman lady? Something... Wrote that... er... something on the like 100th anniversary of the death of some composer... You heard me!

Jowy said...

The music is from Telemann Suite in F movement 6. :D
I just thought it was really funny since the rest of the piece was quite normal. :P